Dinosaur Desperados

Doc owns the Dew Drop Inn and runs the town.  She and her sidekick, Curly, love dinosaurs. They're desperate to find the T.rex toddler and need all the help they can get roundin' up the little buckaroo. So they deputize the audience to help find him.  

Meantime the deputies get to meet 8 wacky oddballs from the Mesozoic Era, including ►The fish-eating Sarah the Saharan Suchomimus  ►Thick-headed Pachycephalosaurs Lumpy and his son Bumpy  ►The tiny South African planteater Leboha Lesothosaurus  ►The Australian mama Lucky Leaellynosaura and her babies► and the really cool Elvis the Cryolophosaurus.

"Dinosaur Desperados is, to my mind; one of the best theme shows for children on the market today.  Of course there are wonderfully animated puppets, large scale and yet very approachable; toe-tapping sing along songs; and a funny and vast array of characters that are a given for Dinorock Productions. But the premise and plot of this show follow the latest events of paleontology with up-to-the-minute depictions of the recently discovered information about some old kid favorites - the feathered baby Rex is so cute!  Yes, this is a rave review.  But actually, I am only voicing my audience's excitement and enjoyment."  

♦ Roberta M.Gasbarre, Director of The Smithsonian Institution's Discovery Theater