Dinosaur Book of Wooorld Records

Meet nature's own record holding monsters!  As the Dinorockers select 7 exceptional creatures from the Mesozoic Era, they emphasize the theme of the show; that dinosaur science is changing rapidly and, so, records made today may be broken tomorrow.  Every extreme prehistoric creature has its own song. This show, which is all about exploration and discovery, is a 45 minute program of interactive sing-alongs recommended for ages 3 through 10 and led by Emmy® winning and Grammy® nominated Ingrid Crepeau and Michele Valeri.

Record holders include: The Widest-Ankylosaurus, The Fastest-Gallimimus, The Smallest-Microraptor, The 1st Planteater Identified-Iguanodon

A few exotic categories: The Most Musical-Parasaurolophus and The Most Confusing-Archeaopteryx

And one that will surprise and delight the audience.  "It's a prehistoric, meteoric, dinosaur book of wooooorld records!