Dinosaur Babies (school version)

Premiering at The Smithsonian Institution’s Discovery Theater in October of 1984, the DinoRockers have toured all over the lower 48 with huge body puppets and award -winning music, first with Dinosaur Rock, then with The Great Dinosaur Mystery and Dinosaurs Forever! With dinosaur puppets 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 16 feet high, the troupe has always appreciated the irony that the most popular characters in their shows are the babies. They decided “why fight it”; and developed a show all about baby dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Babies makes the very real connection between dinosaur babies and human babies. After all “we all started as babies.” After meeting a human baby (a large hand puppet named Emma), the audience is introduced to:

  • Danny Diplodocus - He’s a tiny little baby with a great big mama.
  • Doris the Stegosaurus - “She’s not even 2 but she knows what to do:  I’m Just Followin’ Mom.”
  • QE, The Quetzalcoatlus Kid - The only flying reptile baby in the show
  • Mama Maiasaura - “You can’t have a show about babies without a Mama!”
  • Sam the Triceratops - who wants to grow up to be just like his dad
  • Big Bad Baby Rex - “My favorite food is meat, meat, meat.”

Each baby has their own tale to tell as they introduce concepts such as what fossils tell us about the natural world, instinctive behavior, geography and how babies (all babies) relate to their world.

Puppets- rod, hand, marionette and full body                                                           
Music- waltz, rockabilly, swing, texmex and ragtime.
Style- interactive.